Bleaching powder is widely used as a disinfectant in the food industry in China

1. When the red (blue) ink on paper or clothing cannot be washed off with soap, 15% bleach powder and 15% borax can be mixed evenly, and 70% water can be added and shaken in a bottle to remove it.
2. When beer is sprinkled on the white cotton cloth, soak the cloth in a solution of 1 part bleach powder and 14 parts water. After a few minutes, remove the cloth and wash it in water with a few drops of ammonia.
3. Curry stains clothes and is difficult to completely remove. Cotton clothes are bleached with bleach and soaked in oxalic acid to make the curry color slightly lighter. After taking out clothes from oxalic acid solution, it is still necessary to rinse with water to remove the odor of oxalic acid.
4. The wooden utensils in the kitchen are dirty. You can soak them in water with bleach overnight and rinse them with water the next day.
5. Cleaning the vegetable basket with only detergent is difficult to remove dirt. Therefore, when cleaning, a small amount of bleach must be added to the water, and the vegetable basket must be soaked in it. The next day, it can be cleaned with clean water.