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Sodium hypochlorite

Sodium Hypochlorite


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Sodium hypochlorite


CASE NO: 7681-52-9

Molecular formula: NaClO

Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid, with a faint pungent chlorine odor, soluble in water in any proportion, is a strong oxidant

Executive standard: HG/T2498-1993

Product Specifications:

Available chlorine content: 8%-16%

NaOH: 1% Max


Shipping Information:

Class: 8    UN NO: 1791    PG:III


Use: This product has the functions of disinfection, sterilization, bleaching, algae reduction and so on. Mainly used in pulp, textiles and chemical fibers as bleaching agent, water treatment as water purification agent, can also be used in hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, drinking water, fruits and vegetables disinfection, sterilization, household and public places disinfection, deodorization, food industry bacteria control raw materials, can also be used in dyes, medicine, non-ferrous metal industry and three waste treatment chlorinating agent and oxidant.


Regular packing: 30kg plastic drum, 1200kg IBC tank, 5kg shoe drum, 10kg shovel drum





Sealed packaging, pay attention to ventilation, away from fire, heat sources, to prevent direct sunlight; It is strictly forbidden to contact with flammable, combustible, oil, acid and alkali during storage and transportation.


Extinguishing method: foggy water, foam, carbon dioxide, sand.

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