When purchasing new bamboo utensils, first boil them thoroughly in boiling water and then immerse them in a low concentration bleach solution for 1-2 days to prevent insect infestation.

1. As a disinfectant, bleaching powder is safe for human health when used correctly. But bleaching powder has a bleaching effect and its appearance is similar to that of flour. If mixed with flour, it is difficult to identify. Therefore, some illegal vendors illegally use bleaching powder in food, such as bleaching flour, mushrooms, and other foods with bleaching powder. Eating bleached flour can cause food poisoning.
Clinical manifestations: Firstly, discomfort in the stomach; Subsequently, nausea, abdominal pain, and severe vomiting gradually worsen the abdominal pain, with a few people experiencing abdominal cramps. In severe cases, diarrhea begins when vomiting or abdominal pain occurs. The dust of this product is irritating to the conjunctiva and respiratory tract, and can cause tooth damage. Skin contact can cause moderate to severe skin damage.
2. Bleach powder aqueous solution has a stimulating and corrosive effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa. Its decomposition product, hypochlorous acid (or hydrogen chloride gas), is a highly corrosive toxic substance that stimulates the respiratory tract and skin, can cause coughing and affect vision. Apart from drinking a concentrated solution of bleach powder directly, no problems have been found when using its dilute solution. If the concentration is high, it is easy to feel a chlorine odor and control it.