What is the bleaching principle equation of bleaching powder

The bleaching principle equation of bleaching powder is: Ca (ClO) 2+CO2+H2O=CaCO3+2HClO. The main components of bleaching powder are calcium hypochlorite and calcium chloride, and the effective component is calcium hypochlorite. Hypochloric acid is a weak acid that can oxidize pigments, thus achieving the purpose of bleaching.
Is bleaching powder in tap water harmful to human health
HCLO is used for bleaching, which serves as a disinfectant. If placed too much, it will appear weakly acidic in water, but if heated, HCLO will evaporate, restoring the neutrality of the water. Therefore, as long as you do not drink cold tap water, it will not be harmful to the human body. It can be said that bleaching powder is not harmful to the surface of the human body, but it cannot be consumed.
When treating tap water in a water plant, some water needs to be disinfected with bleach powder. If the amount of bleach powder is too much, there will be a lot of residue. The bleach powder is processed from chlorine gas and lime, and its chemical name is calcium hypochlorite. It is a white powder with a pungent odor. If there is too much bleach powder, it means the water has a high hardness. Washing face and brushing teeth should not be a big problem, but it should be precipitated and the water used should not be consumed raw.